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Rules of work of ballet school Ballet.ON


When buying a season ticket or a one-time visit to school, the student confirms his consent and the fact that he is familiar with the Rules of the ballet school.

Classes are held according to the schedule proposed by the School. The school reserves the right to change the schedule and opening hours.

Classes are held only if a group of at least three people has gathered. Otherwise, the School has the right to cancel classes without any consequences.

The presence of an accompanist at the class is not required.

In case of cancellation of the School, the Client is notified in advance by the School administrator.

The school reserves the right to refuse the Client to attend a single class in the group if it is oversaturated.

All Clients' belongings found in the School are kept by the School administrator for 1 month.

The School Administration is not responsible for the valuables of the Clients.

The Client of the School bears full material responsibility for the damage caused to the property of the School.

The school has the right to change its tuition fee and work schedule.

Subscription and rules of its use

The client of the School must go through the appropriate registration procedure - filling out the questionnaire, receiving and registering a season ticket. The presence of an identity document of the Client is mandatory. In order to ensure security and eliminate cases of unauthorized transfer of the season ticket, the administration has the right to require the presentation of a visitor's identity card.

The subscription is personal and cannot be transferred to another person.

The season ticket can be purchased from any day of the month.

The school chooses the teacher for the lessons, and no group is attached to the teacher. The group is linked and the student is pre-recorded to the time indicator, namely the time of day and day of the week, and in no case to the teacher.

The client can pay for each lesson (one-time payment) or purchase a season ticket. Payment for a one-time lesson or purchase of a season ticket confirms the Client's agreement with the present rules of the School.

Subscription - a document that entitles the Client to attend a fixed number of classes in accordance with the current schedule and the current rate of the School. The season ticket is valid for the 1st calendar month from the moment of purchase. The season ticket is offered for different number of classes (4, 6, 8, 12, "unlimited"). Group classes with dance directions of the School are held according to the schedule for the group chosen by the Client.

Transfer to another group or change of the dance hall is possible if the Client wishes.

Before the beginning of each lesson, the Client must hand over the season ticket to the School administrator for his registration, and after the end of his stay in the School, pick it up. Admission to classes is only by season ticket or with payment for one (single) lesson. In case of loss of the season ticket, the Client has the right to renew it (it is necessary to contact the School administrator on this issue).

For individual classes with the School teacher, the Client must register with the administrator and make a prepayment according to the price list no later than one day before the start of individual classes. The client can postpone or cancel an individual lesson no later than 24 hours before it starts and no more than once in a row. Otherwise, the service is considered provided and the refund is not made.

Safety in the classroom:

In case of ill health, you must immediately notify the teacher.

It is forbidden to come to classes sick, as well as in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication.

At medical contraindications to active loadings it is necessary to inform about it administration of School. Otherwise, the teacher and the administration of the School are not responsible for the state of health.

The dance school is not liable for damage related to deteriorating health if it is aggravated as a result of an acute illness, exacerbation of an injury or chronic illness that the client of the school had before attending, as well as injury due to the client's negligence.

Responsibilities of the Client

Arrive at the School on time - 10-15 minutes before the start of the class, presenting a season ticket to the School administrator.

Attend school classes in special clothing and changeable shoes.

Observe cleanliness and rules of public order in the School.

Turn off cell phone speakerphone during class.

The School Client is prohibited

Take photos and videos during the lesson without the permission of the teacher.

It is forbidden to eat in places intended for classes, in locker rooms and recreation areas.

Guest visits are prohibited.

Current administrative announcements posted at the School in public places and at public inspection are mandatory to comply with these rules.

It is forbidden to pour water on the floor.

Smoking, bringing and drinking alcohol at school.

Bring to the School any types of weapons, explosives, flammable and toxic substances.

In case of violation of these Rules, the administration of the School has the right to cancel the season ticket without refund or not to allow the Client to classes.

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